There are so many ancient cemeteries relating to the early pilgrim life in Massachusetts. Alyson Horrocks, writer for New England Today, Travel section, wrote a great story on October 3, 2017 about the Miles Standish Cemetery in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

One of America’s Oldest Cemeteries - Miles Standish Cemetery in Duxbury, MA, Mayflower Pilgrims Gravesites

Alyson Horrocks • October 3, 2017

There are so many fascinating graveyards throughout the northeast, but especially in Massachusetts.  Many interested genealogists walk through graveyards during their research.  They see vandalized memorials, litter, and natural wear on so many headstones.  Some graveyards are privately owned, being on private property, while others are totally unmaintained because they only have two or three headstones located deep on public property (woods).  Each gravesite represents not just a marker where someone is most likely buried, but a testimonial to people's lives...they are history of human kind.  Please remember to respect these memorials and the land where they are placed.  If you see litter, please collect it and deposit it in a trash day you may be visiting someone's grave you love and you would certainly like the same respect paid to them.

Here's an excerpt from New England Today - Travel - "Tucked away, on a quaint, residential street in Duxbury, Massachusetts, sits a small, unassuming, colonial cemetery. Nearly indistinguishable from the hundreds of other early American burial grounds dotting New England, this secluded site of rare historical significance could easily go overlooked. For those with an enthusiasm for colonial history, however, it would be a shame to pass this one by. Named for the famed military leader of the Plymouth Colony, Myles Standish Burial Ground holds the distinct honor of being dubbed our nation’s oldest cemetery (technically our oldest “maintained” cemetery), and buried here are several voyagers of the Mayflower."


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