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Can you prove your lineage from Deacon John Dunham?

Can you prove your lineage from Deacon John Dunham?

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If you are not sure about your Dunham lineage, complete a John Dunham Society Preliminary Review

Can You Prove Your John Dunham Lineage?

The John Dunham Society welcomes membership applicants who want to provide documented lineage proof! 

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John Dunham

The John Dunham Society is the official certification organization for descendants of Deacon John Dunham. Many John Dunham descendants are also descendants of famous Mayflower Pilgrims! Certifying your John Dunham lineage with us is your first step in genealogical research.

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We encourage you to make contact us regarding membership if you believe you are a descendant of Deacon John Dunham.

The best way to do this is to become a member.  If you would like to request a membership application, then please contact us:
If you believe you may be a descendant of John Dunham but don't know for sure, then try our Preliminary Review submission process located at: (Preliminary Review).