In our first series of quarterly "Headstone Photos of the Quarter" we highlight three photos containing a total of four headstones. In our gallery above you can see general informatioin about these headstones, including their location and some basic information about who lies beneath them. Arad Richmond Dunham & Florence Adelaide Smart. Arad was the son of Barnaba(s) Dunham and Sarah Shaw Richmond. Florence Smart was the daughter of Hanson Smart and Harriet Irish. Together, Arad and Florence had a total of 7 children. Arad was in the Civil War and eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant. Florence was abandoned as a child and was raised with the Henry & Anna Munro family in Lakeville, eventually she legally changed her last name to Munro out of a sign of gratitute and closeness to that family. Harvey Dunham & Phebe Barrows. Harvey was the son of Ebenezer Dunham and Priscilla Morton. Phebe was the daughter of George Dunham and Esther Burgoyne (last name spelling varies). Not much information has been collected on George and Esther Dunham (if you have any documented information, please contact us). Harvey Dunham drowned in the Ohio River in 1870. Sarah Shaw (Richmond) (Dunham) Back was the daughter of William Richmond and Deborah Richmond. She first married Barnaba(s) Dunham. Barnaba(s) died at age 50 when they had 8 children, the oldest being 11 years old. Sarah waited 2 years, then married George Back, who was a Civil War veteran and a Deacon at the local church. Sarah and George Back had a child, but that child died before reaching 1 year of age. Sarah outlived her first and second husband.