Welcome to the John Dunham Society Database - a genealogical website.

(updated: 1 January 2018)

This website and included database is the sole property of the John Dunham Society. It contains a historic collection of genealogical research documents relative to the descendants of Deacon John Dunham. Access to this database is restricted.

Membership into the John Dunham Society requires documented proof of a lineage be submitted for review by John Dunham Society Historians, and acceptance by the Society Director. If you are not a current member and would like to pursue membership, please visit our John Dunham Society membership website.

If you are not a current member of the John Dunham Society you still may inquire about individuals that may be within the database who lived prior to the year 1900. We absolutely will not release any information to non-members regarding any living individual complied in our database. We only allow one category of non-member access on a limited basis and on a single-scope of inquiry as follows:

  • Professional genealogists. We charge a $75.00 fee for a one-time informational research related to a single person's immediate family members as long as they were born prior to the year 1900. To begin this research contact our organization here.